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Risks specific to Groningen

Which risks are specific to Groningen? How serious are they and what do we do to prevent them from materializing? But also: how do we go about managing a disaster or a crisis? Our Safety Plan answers all these questions.

Which risks are specific to Groningen?

The first component of the Safety Plan is the Regional Risk Profile, which describes the risks that have been identified for Groningen specifically. What is the chance of an earthquake or of flooding? And what will happen in the event of a power cut? The risk profile includes a risk assessment with a probability analysis and a list of expected effects specific to the Groningen region, an area with an ageing, shrinking population, characterized by a changing healthcare landscape and deteriorating health services, as well as increasing urbanization, the energy transition, and physical and psychosocial harm caused by gas-induced earthquakes.

Risks in an ever-changing world

The world is changing constantly. That is why, in our risk profile, we not only make a rough assessment of the risks we face, but we also look at the world around us: how do international, national, and regional developments affect us and the potential risks we incur? A relevant question in this context would be: what effects of the war in Ukraine can be felt in Groningen?

How do we manage these risks?

The two other components of the Safety Plan are the Regional Policy Plan and the Regional Crisis Plan. These plans describe our risk management strategy. Risks are a part of life. The main thing is that we mitigate them in a joint effort and manage them where needed. It is important to remember that there will always be uncertainties and residual risks. The Safety Region is there to help reassure the public and make people regain their confidence in the future.

In a time when the role of the government is changing, the Groningen Safety Region is committed to supporting the local population and educating them about what to do in the event of an incident. There will always be risks, but our advice is: embrace life, Groningen!

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