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About us

Groningen Safety Region is there for everyone in the province of Groningen. Together, we work on safety. Every day better than the day before. We do so professionally and decisively, reliably and through connection.  When you build a healthy existence, you are able to cope with changes in life. And that also means dangers and risks. We cannot take away dangers, but we can get a hold on them. We are working day and night to get a grip on these risks. Together with our partners. For our citizens, for Groningen. 

Safety is not a given

Not even here in Groningen, with our seaside location, chemical industry and earth quakes. Next to that, we have to deal with the consequences of ecological, demographical and societal developments, such as climate change, the energy transition, an aging population and individualization.

This heightens the chances for risks in our region and makes the need for effective risk aversion and incident control even more important. Our extraordinary region asks for specific first aid, and for an organization that suits the region.

What we do

In times of calm, we mainly work behind the scenes. We , then, make sure we are prepared for when something happens: by organizing exercises, educating and training crisis officers, making plans and advising on (fire) safety, among other things.

Our role changes during an incident or crisis. In that case, we scale up and step into the foreground. We take charge and organise cooperation between the various parties. We cooperate with other crisis organizations to return to a safe situation as quickly as possible.